New Guide to Selling Seedlings

I’m excited to share that I’ve written a guide on how to sell seedlings. I’ve organized everything I know into everything you need to know to sell seedlings, whether you’re starting small or hosting a larger event for your garden club.

The guide will help you to figure out what to grow and sell, how to grow, what tools and products to use, how to price your seedlings, where to host your sale, how to advertise your sale and more. It also includes my top five biggest mistakes in selling seedlings for your knowledge and entertainment.

I’ve written this from the perspective of a grower in San Diego selling her seedlings from her home. I’ve also interviewed a professional grower in a cooler climate near Yosemite National Park, whose customers, growing conditions and logistics are a bit different as they sell via farmers markets and local retailers.

You can add the guide to your cart and purchase by clicking “Add to Cart.” Or, click the image to learn more about the guide, including the table of contents.

I hope you enjoy it!